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about lasante

The concept of Lasante Health Care services is to reach the families at their dwellings and provide expert and emergency medical care at their door steps. Thus the hospital provides individualized needy medical services effectively at the home environment of the patients. The services cover acute emergencies, care of chronically ill patients needing treatment and physiotherapy as and when required. In addition to emergency care the services provided include infusion and inhalation therapy, care of terminally ill patient, wound care, blood sample collection, ably supported by 24 hours pharmacy and ambulance services. The highly experienced and motivated staff includes doctors and Para medicals experienced in Advanced Life Support systems, and the ambulance is equipped to provide high end emergency care and resuscitation
We are well known for our excellence in medical care.
Our medical staff is experienced in emergency care and in providing medical assistance throughout the Indian subcontinent (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Pakistan).Lasante Health Care specializes in the provision of Emergency Medical Assistance. We serve the global business community in providing proactive, preventative, cost effective and friendly professional advice and medical assistance.
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