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Air Ambulance

LASANTE RESCUE Air Ambulance services is created with one goal to ensure safe and cost efficient air transportation of critically ill patients to the best hospital in 'Golden hours' following on accident or a stroke. Talented & experienced doctors & other highly trained medical personnel travel on fully equipped ambulances (aircraft/helicopters) with the patients constantly monitoring him/her to avoid any further complications. Our staff consists of ICCU-ICU trained doctors, trained nurses (including Paediatric and Neonatal nurses) & ICCU-ICU trained medicos.
We utilize combination of doctors, nurses and paramedic staff in most cost efficient ways for the patient in question. We provide advance life support on our road ambulance. All instruments are US FPA approved.
The entire Medical supplies are checked prior to administering and offer transport to assure proper working of inventory on all medical equipments.
Aircraft types Range
Cessna citation II 2000 Kms.
Beech B-200 1800 Kms.
Beech C-90 1000 Kms.
Piliator PC-12 1500 Kms.
Doriner 1000 Kms.
Helicopter Bell 407 250 Kms.
Ambulance Aircraft Details
Type Speed Pressurized Range/ Endurance Notice Required Stretcher Case
Cessna Citation Jet 650 kmph Yes 1500 Km 2 hrs One+1 pax+3 person rescue Team
King Air C-90 Turboprop 330 kmph Yes 1000 Km 2 hrs One+1 pax+2 person rescue Team
King Air B-200 0Turboprop 440 kmph Yes 1800 Km 2 hrs One+1 Pax+3 person rescue Team
Pilatus Porter PC-12 Turboprop 330 kmph Yes 1800 Km 2 hrs Two+1 pax+4 person rescue Team
Dornier-228 Piston 200 kmph Yes 1000 Km 2 hrs Two+2 Pax+4 person rescue Team
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